1. What is studio mashinani?

Studio Mashinani is an initiative by the Government of Kenya in conjunction with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) to provide high quality audio production facilities for youth in the creative economy to record their talent even if they have no money and regardless of how rural an environment they come from.

2.  Who is involved in setting up Studio Mashinani?

The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of ICT is providing the studio equipment and the software that goes into recording talent.  

The Studios will be housed at the Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC) sites and KBC will be responsible for operationalization of the studios, support and maintenance.

3. How can I book a session at a Studio Mashinani?

Aspiring artists who want to record any audio creative should take the following steps:

  1. Go to http://www.ajiradigital.go.ke/studio_mashinani

  2. Review the Terms & Conditions on the page

  3. Click the ‘Book a session’ icon

  4. Select your preferred studio from the choices displayed

  5. Find an available slot from the Calendar provided

  6. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so (if you do not have an account, you will be required to create an account to proceed)

  7. You will receive a confirmation email upon completing the booking

4. What is provided in each of the Studios

  1. State of the art equipment for audio production

  2. Mixing an Mastering of audio

  3. A Sound Engineer

  4. A Studio Technician

  5. A producer for those who do not have access to one

5. Do I have unlimited time in the studio?

NO: For first time recordings, the ajiradigital.go.ke booking platform will only allow hour-long sessions (60 minutes) every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is so that you may record a demo track, which you may then post on YouTube, Sound Cloud or any such platform.  Listeners will then have the opportunity to hear your production and endorse you through ‘likes’.

On receiving 5000 ‘likes’, you will then have the opportunity to get more studio time to fine tune and finish your product, a process that will include mixing and mastering. At this point we will also showcase your product on the Y254 channel.

6. What is the Y254 Channel?

Y254 Channel is a channel by the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, to showcase the talent available in all sectors of the Kenya creative economy. Other than the outputs of Studio Mashinani, Y254 channel will also showcase the creativity in all of Kenya from movies, talk shows, reality TV, TV shows, documentaries, dramas and many more.

7. Where are the studios located?

There are currently 5 studios located in KBC premises – 2 in Nairobi and one each in Machakos, Mombasa and Kisumu. Our plan is to eventually have at least one studio in every county based on demand.